Practical information about the picnic baskets

Some practical information about the picnic baskets
Thank you for choosing Söderby-Boden as part of your day in the archipelago. We wish you a pleasant and relaxing time in the rugged and beautiful nature. Here are some practical details concerning the basket:
* All items may freely be used by you. If possible stow all items in the same way they were when you got the baskets. Each basket is marked with its content
* The big thermos contains the coffee, the pots warm water and a small thermos of coffee milk that is lactose-free
* The cloth napkins are meant to serve as both the side plate and napkin and can be packed with the cups
* There are fresh towels in one of the metal boxes and a small bag for the waste
* Teaspoons are found in the round metal tin with the cups
* The baskets can withstand a little moisture and water but drain out of the cups before they are packed back
* There is a small plastic bag for used teabags in the box with teabags.
* Tables of contents of the foods are in the basket
* Please let us know if something breaks or is lost
*Please take care of our fragile nature and bring all the trash back


Your basket contains of:

Fresh towels
Teabags& sugar
Lingonberry juice
thermos with pump
thermos pots
milk thermos
sitting pads of straw
small carpets for sitting